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Drs. Paul and Bonnie Offit to host
May 9, 2022
Drs. Paul and Bonnie Offit

Healthy NewsWorks is pleased to announce that Drs. Paul and Bonnie Offit are serving as co-chairs of the event host committee for the 2022 How We Heal Film and Book Festival, to be held May 18.

Paul Offit, a pediatrician and expert in the fields of virology and immunology, is director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Bonnie Offit, also a pediatrician, is chief innovation officer at Self Care Decisions and co-founder of Murphy Cares, a digital pet therapy app.

“We are so honored by the leadership of Drs. Paul and Bonnie Offit and all the members of our host committee,” said Amy Ginensky, Healthy NewsWorks board president. “Their willingness to come together to support Healthy NewsWorks and spread the word about its importance makes such a difference.”

Others on the host committee include:

  • Steven Scott Bradley
  • Jim Buehler
  • Michael Days
  • Greg DeShields
  • Courtney Ercole
  • Amy Ginensky and Andrew Rogoff
  • Susan and Marvin Greenbaum
  • Laurie Hack and Jack Hershey
  • Katherine Hatton and Richard Bilotti
  • Leroy Howell
  • Fran Kahn and Jay Mudrick
  • Amy Krulik
  • Lorina Marshall-Blake
  • Diana and Sam Mason
  • Martha Morse
  • Kim Nixon-Cave and Juan Cave
  • Nancy Petersmeyer
  • Margaret Ralph
  • Liz Rappaport
  • Ilene Rothblat
  • Walter Tsou
  • Tom Uhlman
  • Betsey and Mike Useem
  • Elizabeth and Tony Vale
  • Ellyn Jo Waller
  • Ilene Wasserman

The Healthy NewsWorks 2022 Film and Book Fest will be held in person from 6 to 8 p.m. May 18 at Merion Tribute House, 625 Hazelhurst Ave., Merion Station, PA 19066. Those wishing to attend virtually may tune in at 7 p.m. 

In keeping with our 2022 theme, “How We Heal: Moving Ahead in Challenging Times,” we’ll premiere a film featuring Healthy NewsWorks student interviews with health and community leaders. And we’ll debut our 11th book: How We Heal: Leading Healthy Change In Our Communities 2022.

Find additional details about the event here.

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