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Review: ‘June Almeida, Virus Detective’
February 4, 2022

June Almeida, Virus Detective 
By Suzanne Slade

This is a biography about June Almeida, the scientist who discovered the first human coronavirus.

The author tells the story of June’s life, beginning in 1930 in Scotland where she was born. The book describes how her younger brother died from an illness when June was 10 years old. This may have affected her and made her want to learn about illnesses, according to the book.

“She also longed to help people with illnesses like her brother,” the author writes.

June spent time in London, England, and Toronto, Canada. She always enjoyed learning about science and taking photographs. June discovered the coronavirus in 1964, according to the book. 

Of the 18 reporters who listened to the book as it was read, 17 said they enjoyed it. Here are some of the reasons the reporters liked the book: 

 June “took a lot of time to figure out what the coronavirus was.”

“The book shows children that their dreams can come true no matter how old they are.”

“I learned how she found out about this stuff.” 

We recommend this book for children in grades 3 to 6.  The book could give them more information about a topic they’re studying. It is a helpful source of information. 

“It is a good book to read in your free time,” Elijah said.      

By Healthy Roar staff

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