Showing empathy

Illustration by Maribel

December 2021 … Here are two lists that fourth graders at Gotwals Elementary School in Norristown wrote that they show they understand other people. By relating to how other people feel, they are showing empathy.

Edwin’s list

1. I can show empathy by asking people questions about their life.

2. I can be nice by helping people when they are sad, and I can give them something to cheer them up.

3. I can be respectful by respecting people and helping them out.

4. I can be a good listener by looking at the person who is talking.

5. I can be responsible for my stuff.  

Alasia’s list

1.  I can give someone food if they are homeless.

2. I can show empathy by helping a teacher carry her books. 

3. I can help my mom clean the house.

4. I can show empathy by cleaning up all the trash on the ground.

5. I can show empathy by helping kids with a math lesson.