Outside all day

Illustration by Gizelle, 5th grade

By Amiyrah, 5th grade | December 2021 … My favorite outdoor activity is to go camping because it is relaxing and I love to walk in the woods. I go camping mostly in July, and I stay for sometimes two or three weeks. I’m outside all day, because why be in a tent when you have the smell of fresh air? It’s so relaxing and calms you down. 

I went to the Pocono Mountains and I also went to a few other places. I go camping with my dog and my siblings, my mom, my dad, grandpa, and grandma. Camping makes me feel relaxed and happy and calm when I’m stressed by my siblings. It was lots of fun. We made s’mores and it was all over the firewood! I was very happy.              

Amiyrah writes for William Cramp Fit Flyer.