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Inquiry Charter launches health newspaper
December 6, 2021

December 2021 … Congratulations to the students of Inquiry Charter School, who have published the first edition of their new health newspaper!

Inquiry is part of the Belmont Charter Network in Philadelphia.

The Healthy Owl Times will focus on health and wellness, its third grade student journalists write, with a range of topics that will help students and their families live healthier lives. The inaugural issue includes an interview with Waffiyyah Murray, program manager at the Better Bike Share program in Philadelphia; tips to cope during difficult times; and an article on what teachers like to do when they spend time outdoors.

“Healthy NewsWorks has been an invaluable experience,” Inquiry teacher Hope Trenga said. “Unlike any other partnership, academics and fun, real-world experiences are tied into one! 

“As a teacher, it is exciting to watch my students take ownership of their work and develop skills, such as interviewing, which they otherwise wouldn’t have a chance for in our traditional curriculum. Students are also learning about important health topics, such as coping, which are essential skills for them to be happy and successful students and people! We are very thankful to be a Healthy NewsWorks partner, and I cannot wait for the students to see their work in print!”

Students agreed that the program was fun, all while they were learning.

“I liked learning about health topics, like how getting out in nature is good for you, and how to make a newspaper, all at the same time!” Alana said.

“Healthy NewsWorks was cool because I learned how to do an interview and got to learn about the bike share program,” Nahir  said.

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Since 2003, Healthy NewsWorks has been empowering elementary and middle school students to become researchers, writers, and confident communicators who advance health understanding and literacy through their factual publications and digital media.