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‘Sunlight is good for you,’ and other tips for healing in nature
November 8, 2021

November 2021 … Healthy NewsWorks student journalists this fall are focused on the green prescription: How spending time in nature benefits one’s physical and emotional health.  

“Go hiking, or take a walk in the park,” suggests Gabrielle from The DePaul Catholic School in Philadelphia. 

“Lay down and look at the sky,” agrees Khalil from DePaul.

“Sunlight is good for you!” writes Kyle from DePaul.

Time spent with peers is healing to many.

“Take a walk or play with your friends,” writes Nakiyak from DePaul.

“When I play with my friends, we ride our bikes and scooters,” writes McKenzie, a third grader at Inquiry Charter School in Philadelphia. “At the park I play with my dolls and slide down the slide and draw. It makes me relaxed.”

Relaxation was a common theme when the students reflected on time spent outdoors.

“Jump roping is relaxing and is fun. I have learned how to so now I can talk to friends when I jump,” wrote Basma, a third grader at Inquiry. “When you talk to friends you can sit somewhere and relax, and when you talk to your friend it makes it fun.”

But activity is not always required.

“Sitting down makes you relaxed!” writes Bruce, a third grader at Inquiry. 

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