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Face-to-face with school
October 8, 2021

By Kayla, 10th grade | September 2021 … I am in 10th grade and this month is the first time I actually have been in my high school. Working in school physically has had its pros and cons. One of the pros in physically attending school is that you can see, face to face, your peers as well as the staff. It’s not as awkward when communicating in person, and you understand the person’s feelings at that moment better. Another pro is that it allows me to understand and grasp the content being taught way easier. I am also more comfortable with participating, as well as asking questions when in doubt. 

The only con I’ve had when it comes to attending school physically is making friends. Most people already had a group of friends because they returned to school in the spring on a hybrid schedule. I don’t have classes with the people I’m closet to. But I have made a lot of friends, so I’m thankful for that. I try to think on the positive side of things. 

— Kayla attends Cristo Rey High School and she is a former staff member of the St. Martin de Porres Healthy Saint.

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