High hopes for the fall

Illustration by Alex, 8th grade, The DePaul Catholic School

By Mishi, 7th grade | August 2021 … I’m really excited for this next school year. I was virtual for 7th grade, so I never got to go to middle school. I really hope everyone is vaccinated, because if COVID cases spike then we might go virtual again. I also hope we won’t have to wear masks. If we don’t have to wear masks, maybe some sense of normalcy might return. The last time I was in an actual school building was in 6th grade. It was a really fun year, and I miss the way life was before. I also missed out on seeing people in real life during the 2020 school year, so I can’t wait to do in-person school. Overall, I am just really excited for the upcoming school year. 

Mishi lives in Swedesboro, N.J.