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Listening to the rhythm of their feelings
July 31, 2021

July 2021 … By Ms. Piskai’s first grade reporters |Ms. Piskai’s first graders recently tried a music activity to reduce stress and see how their feelings changed before and after the activity.   

The reporters started by thinking about how they felt. Some people said they were happy and excited; others said they felt sad or frustrated.  

Next, they listened to some quiet music for a few minutes. After listening, they shared how their feelings had changed. 

About half the students said they liked the activity because they noticed that they felt calmer after listening to the music.   

“The quiet music helped me feel calm,” Italia said. 

 “I like quiet music,” another Cub reporter said. “Calm music makes me feel better when I feel angry.” 

Some people said they didn’t like the activity because they prefer louder music when they’re feeling angry or sad.  

“I like different kinds of music like rock, so this wasn’t my favorite activity,” said a Cub reporter in Ms. Piskai’s room. 

This type of activity would be good for kids of all ages because everyone needs ways to calm down and quiet music can help people relax and maybe even fall asleep. 

Ms. Piskai’s first grade reporters write for the Cole Manor Healthy Comet

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