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Study hard, choose friends with care, and other advice for younger students
July 9, 2021

July 2021 … Editor’s note: On the cusp of graduation, eighth grade reporters offer some advice to the younger students at The DePaul Catholic School. 

You are going to receive a lot of advice about what to do with your life and how to be successful once you reach eighth grade. This is commonly someone else’s opinion of your life. This will happen throughout your life, most commonly after you graduate middle school and high school. It’s valuable because it’s built on experiences of others, but never forget that you are different. Focus on being the best you can be, and I know things will work out for you. — Alex 

Don’t rush, because you are all going to the same place. Always stay focused on you and what you want to accomplish. Don’t give the teachers a hard time. They are just trying to teach you better things so you can have a better life. — Ava  

Yes, I’m getting ready to graduate junior high school. One piece of advice I can give to the younger students about gaining success and happiness in a school is pay attention, do your work, and don’t focus on others. Focus on your life and make sure you are doing good so that you are successful  in life. — Dion  

Study for your tests, and also don’t put yourself around the wrong crowd. Always put yourself with people who want to do good in school and want to succeed. Those people who want to succeed have a bright future ahead of them. If you are struggling with school or homework, ask for help. Don’t wait until  you’re failing because it is important for you to go to a great high school. If you’re stressed, always try to work it out, bring a stress ball or some water, even ask the teacher to get a breather outside the classroom. It will help you. — Jason  

During my time at DePaul I made some nice friends. Just because you want to be popular in school doesn’t mean you have to be friends with everyone. Choose the people you think will have the best impact on you and stick with them. Never stress when you’re missing work because it will only make things worse. Talk to your teachers because the DePaul staff is very generous. I’m pretty sure they will be willing to talk to you about anything you’re struggling with. —Nashiya  

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