With Zentangle, students doodle their way to calm

April 2021 … Zentangle is a type of art where you draw random patterns on a piece of paper. Working on a Zentangle can help you calm down.  

All you need to Zentangle is paper; a pencil; coloring materials, if you want; and creativity.  

Jaxson’s Zentangle

You start by drawing a dot in each corner of your paper and then connecting those dots to create a square frame. Next, you divide the inside of the frame with squiggly lines or straight lines to make sections of the paper where you will draw in different patterns. Everyone’s paper looks totally different, and that’s OK!   

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John’s Zentangle

“You can color on your own and let your fingers go,” John said. “It made me feel calm.”  

“It lets your stress go and lets your relaxation flow,” Jaxson said. “I give it one million stars.” 

All of the participants who tried Zentangle said they enjoyed it. We think this would be good for anyone who is stressed out, any artist who likes abstract art, or even anyone who doesn’t have anything to do. This activity is good for grown-ups and kids. 

By the Enon Healthy Warrior staff