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Students reflect on return to classroom
April 27, 2021

April 2021 … After a year of at-home learning, some Cole Manor students recently returned to the classroom, and they were excited to be back.

The fourth graders wrote about their experiences for their school’s healthy newspaper, the Cole Manor Healthy Comet.

“Going back to school is like a miracle, because you get to see your friends and your teachers,” Dayana said.

“Being back in the classroom is very exciting! We all have not been in the classroom in over a year. So I was very happy that I got to go back to school,” Teagan said. “It was fun being able to see people in person who I have only been able to see on a computer.”

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It wasn’t just their friends they couldn’t wait to see.

“I mean, you get to see some teachers in person like real life, not through Google Meet,” Landon said. “You got to actually say ‘hi.’ ”

“It feels good to be back in the classroom, because we get to hang out with our friends at recess,” Elliot said. “…I also like that I get to see all of my teachers again. I missed them.”

Some students were surprised by all of the changes implemented in the name of safety.

“Being back in the classroom is great,” Gino said. “It’s also very different, because there are only three kids in the classroom, and just more rules and regulations.”

“We could not go on the equipment at recess, and we had to wear a mask at lunch,” Jose said. 

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“You do have to wear masks, but that’s just because they want you to feel safe,” Landon said.

Even though things were different, it didn’t take long for the students to adapt.

“The first day I had a lot of mixed emotions,” Teagan said. “But the second day, I was just excited for another day of school.”

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