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In memory: Steveanna Wynn
April 13, 2021

April 2021 … Healthy NewsWorks is remembering Steveanna Wynn, the former executive director of Philadelphia’s Share Food Program who worked tirelessly in the fight against hunger. She died April 10 at age 74.

Share is the largest hunger-relief organization in the Philadelphia region, serving more than 1 million people each month.

“She knew that hard times could befall anyone and that caring neighbors could uplift those in need,” Share wrote in announcing her death.

Ms. Stevie, as our student journalists called her, was a 2016 Healthy NewsWorks health leader. She spoke to our reporters about the root causes of hunger and the ways young people could have a positive impact on the world.

Look for what you have in common with others, Ms. Stevie told them. “Every person on the planet is a gift.”

Read the full interview with Ms. Stevie in our 2016 book.

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