Why I decided to become a yoga teacher at age 12

| By Mishi, age 12 | March 2021 … I first started practicing yoga with my mom once she became a certified yoga teacher in March 2020. We called it Quarantine Yoga, a 30-day challenge for my 7-year-old brother and me. I got really into it, and it was fun! 

Two weeks in, Mom pitched to me the idea of becoming a yoga teacher myself, and after a bit of deliberation I decided to give it a try. We were in quarantine and summer break was coming up. With summer travel and activities cancelled, all we would be doing is sitting around on our devices. The yoga training program intrigued me. It was also exciting and fun to potentially become a 12-year-old certified yoga teacher! 

I want to help people gradually build up their strength and flexibility. I am a dancer and I love doing challenging strengthening poses and deep stretches. Now yoga gives me another way to achieve that instead of just the usual workout. After my sessions I get a great feeling of accomplishment and pride, and I want to help people feel that as well.

Mishi lives in Swedesboro, N.J.