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One year in, looking at what the pandemic has changed
March 3, 2021

| By Maribel, 8th grade | March 2021 … This pandemic has changed and affected our lives differently. Some may have found new hobbies, like learning to cook. For others, their whole mindset has changed.  

It has definitely taken a toll on me, as a student and in my personal life. One day during the pandemic that stands out as memorable is when I started virtual learning. Instead of seeing it as a downside, I see it as an experience. Many students and some of my friends (even myself) have always joked that doing home school might be better than regular school.  

This new experience has taught me a new way of learning, because even before the pandemic, kids did online schooling (aka homeschooling). This has shown me some of the downsides and upsides of this new world. 

Comparing my life now to a year ago, a lot has changed. A year ago, I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about my family. I’ve gotten to know my family better. For example, my mom “thought” she knew what I liked, but when I asked her, she really didn’t know. Over time, she started to see some of my interests and I started to see hers. 

A year ago, I was able to talk and laugh with my friends at school and go to events the school hosted. That has all changed. I miss going to school and actually communicating in person with teachers, staff, and friends.  

One thing that has stayed the same: We are still learning. It might not be the most effective way to learn, but it’s still something that students still do. We need to be able to get through in life, and this is something that we will all overcome. 

— Maribel is a reporter for the AMY Northwest Healthy Bulldog in Philadelphia.

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