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Not everything has changed
January 11, 2021

| By Bahiya, 8th grade | December 2020 … My life from a year ago versus my life today is different in many ways. Last year I was actually attending school with my fellow classmates, and this year I have to interact with them virtually. The global pandemic caused everyone to stop going to school in person on Friday, March 13.

Last year there was no global pandemic that can kill thousands and thousands of people while this year we have a virus going around known as the coronavirus that is killing many people and causing everyone’s life to change.

One thing that has been the same since last year is my hair color. I haven’t changed my hair color since last year, so it’s the same black color till this day. Another thing that is still the same is my shoe size. I still have the same shoe size that I had last year this year. All in all here are some things that have changed and stayed the same about me from a year ago versus my life today. Bahiyah attends AMY Northwest

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