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Not that bad, but not perfect
December 8, 2020

| By Alphonso, 5th grade | December 2020 … This year has been challenging. School has gotten harder because of online school. I think a lot has gotten harder because it’s harder for teachers to show what we have to do.   

For me, 2020 has not been that bad because I can just talk to my friends over the phone and play video games. But just because 2020 has not been that bad for me doesn’t mean that it was perfect. For example, I couldn’t go outside to play basketball.   

Even though I feel like 2020 has not been that bad for me, it has been bad for others.   

We have survived most of this year, but the real question is, will this happen again?  

— Alphonso is a student at St. Veronica Catholic School in Philadelphia.  

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