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Silver linings to virtual learning
November 13, 2020

| By Maribel, 8th grade |

November 2020…Hey, sixth graders! Welcome to Amy Northwest Middle School.

I hope you are enjoying your first couple of months as a sixth grader, virtually. This year is a lot different from what students originally thought it would be. It has affected AMY teachers, eighth graders, seventh graders, and, unfortunately, you.

No one envisioned themselves learning from home with a computer. But that doesn’t mean it should stop you from enjoying your year. Even though we are all inside and learning from home, the school is trying its best to provide more incentives and make virtual learning fun.

You may have difficulties with virtual learning, or you may not like it. It’s hard to build friendships, join clubs, play sports, and participate in all sorts of fun activities because we are all at home. I know, because I have also missed my friends, sports, and clubs I love. So instead of dwelling on the negative, let’s look at the positive. What are some positive things that you have gotten out of virtual learning and being at home?

Here are a few things I am happy about:

1. No bus fever. If you were planning to take the bus to get to school, then you won’t have to. I’m happy to escape waking up early and waiting in the cold for the bus. I avoid being late to school because of a bus that is running late or is stuck in traffic.

2. Attention sleep lovers. None of you can argue that it isn’t great to sleep in. I love getting extra sleep and not worrying about getting to school. Not only does school start later, but we get to have extra minutes to sleep in peace before having to get ready for virtual school. Those of you who are morning people have more time to do your own thing such as yoga.

3. Staying home! I personally enjoy staying home and learning. You can eat snacks if you’re hungry and eat lunch in the comfort of your own home. You have more time to focus on your homework, projects, or classwork with fewer distractions. You also don’t have to wear a school uniform and you get to dress comfortably.

Editor’s note: Maribel is a reporter for the Healthy Bulldog newspaper at AMY Northwest Middle School in Philadelphia, which is conducting classes virtually this fall because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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