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Tips about wearing a mask
July 13, 2020

| By Michaila, 7th grade | July 2020 … I am learning so much about how to stay safe during these times. I am part of Healthy NewsWorks’ digital camp and we recently interviewed Rhona Cooper. She’s a nurse and public health preparedness clinical coordinator for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.

She mentioned several important things to do to continue to stay safe. We should all wash fabric masks often.  We should place our mask in a plastic bag to keep them safe from all other germs. When we want to take off our mask, we should remove it from the ears instead of from the face, she said. l hope that everyone will follow these important  healthy tips.—Michaila will be in seventh grade this fall. She interviewed two health experts for Healthy NewsWorks videos in the spring. Check them out in our Health Beat Live Library.

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