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Using Zoom to connect with others
May 20, 2020

| By Brookelyn, 4th grade |

May 2020 … I miss being in school because I miss being able to see my friends, talk to them, and play with them at recess. I asked my teacher if we could have a Zoom meeting with the class so that I could see all of my classmates and say “hi” to them. It was great and I really enjoyed it.

I think if we use things like Zoom to stay connected with our family and friends, it would help keep us all happy. One of my mom’s friends at work uses Zoom to play games with her family and friends since they cannot do it in person. Not only can you use Zoom and other programs like it to play games, but you could use it to exercise together, cook together, share stories, watch special events on TV together, and much more! –Brookelyn is a reporter for the Cole Manor Healthy Comet in East Norriton, PA.

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