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Staying busy during shutdown
May 20, 2020

| By Rosalyn, 4th grade |

May 2020 … For the past few days I have been eating carrots with ranch dressing, oranges, and apples. I share it with my brother. I also have been helping my mom make biscuits.

I hope I can bake again soon. When I am baking, I like being messy and having fun at the same time. My favorite part about baking is the dough. I find it soft and soothing.

My mom, dad, grandma, uncle, and my brother are at home with me and help each other around the house so it takes up less time.

The way I keep myself active at home is by playing with my uncle or brother! And I also play with dogs. I even made a hideout for me and my dogs. Although it can fall down, I’m still happy with it. 

Other than that there’s a lot of things I’m missing from school. For example, I miss the cool science experiments my teacher comes up. He’s really cool and understanding! –Rosalyn is a reporter for the Cole Manor Healthy Comet in East Norriton, PA.

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