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Sending a message of hope
May 20, 2020

| By St. Veronica Healthy Hero staff |

May 2020 … St. Veronica Healthy Hero third-grade reporters have created rainbows for children in Philadelphia homeless shelters as a sign of love, joy, and hope during the coronavirus shutdown.

The reporters began to make their rainbows after watching a video interview on with Dr. Karen Hudson, the program leader of the Homeless Health Initiative at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Dr. Hudson said that she learned about a project where people were putting rainbow drawings in their windows for others to look for as they walked around their neighborhoods. “The rainbows are being used as a symbol of hope during this crisis right now,” Dr. Hudson said.

She suggested drawing and sending rainbows to kids in shelters to make them feel happy during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Audrey, a reporter who participated in The Rainbow Project said, “It made me happy to help people who are in need.”

“I like doing something special for other people because it brings hope to everyone,” said Byrana.

Tatiana, another reporter, said, “It made me feel good and happy for the people we were giving the rainbows to and it will bring them confidence.”

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