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Celebrating during the pandemic
May 20, 2020

| By Amaya, 3rd grade |

May 2020 … I am quarantined with my mom, dad, and 3-year-old brother. My parents are essential workers because they run a store with limited hours. Every day is different. Four days out of the week my brother and I spend nine hours a day in the back of the store. There’s a kitchen and a big backyard so we mostly watch TV, eat, and play outside if the weather is nice.

We had three celebrations in the month of May. My birthday was May 1. My mom’s birthday was May 5. And Mother’s Day was May 10.

I had a party in the backyard of our family store. My parents decorated tables and bought big pink balloons and pink cupcakes. My family mailed me gifts and sent my parents money to give me. My dad made us a seafood boil that had crab legs, mussels, shrimp, red potatoes, and corn on the cob. I love seafood!

My dad had a Cinco De Mayo celebration for my mom. We celebrated her birthday at home. The tablecloth, cups, plates and even the forks and knives were neon pink, green, and orange. I love bright colors. My dad cooked chicken and shrimp tacos, Spanish rice, and Mexican corn. He also made guacamole and salsa for us to dip our tortillas chips in. My dad surprised my mom with a Zoom party. My mom’s co-workers, friends, and some of our family were on Zoom talking, laughing, and wishing my mom a happy birthday.

On Mother’s Day, my dad, brother and I surprised my mom with breakfast and an Amazon gift card. We spent the day watching movies and eating more seafood because she likes seafood too. –Amaya is a reporter for the Lab Charter Healthy Cheetah, Philadelphia, PA.

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