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Help kids experiencing homelessness
April 7, 2020

| By Jayni, 3rd grade |

April 2020 … Hey kids, do you want to spread cheer and make a difference while you’re indoors during COVID-19?

I recently interviewed with Dr. Karen Hudson who is the program leader of the Homeless Health Initiative at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We talked about different ways to show support for children and families at homeless shelters.

Dr. Hudson had a great suggestion. Kids can draw rainbows to symbolize hope and support for kids living at shelters. My family and I had fun drawing rainbows together.

Try to draw a rainbow and post your pictures on your window at home. Or send the pictures to your teacher to mail to Dr. Hudson. Together we can spread cheer and show our support for others in need. Jayni is a reporter for the Whitehall Healthy Reporter in Norristown, PA.

Note: Dr. Hudson says rainbow drawings and notes of encouragement can be sent to:

Shannon Healey, Shelter Director, Jane Addams Place, 1007A  W. Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19133. 

Della Harris, Rainbow Project, Families Forward Philadelphia, 111 N 49th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139 (

Check out Jayni’s interview with Dr. Hudson:

Help kids experiencing homelessness

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