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Find answers to coronavirus questions
March 23, 2020

March 2020 … Healthy NewsWorks has created a new web page dedicated to helping kids understand the coronavirus and related topics. It’s called “Making Sense of the Virus.”

The page will include articles and illustrations created by Healthy NewsWorks student reporters and other kid contributors. It also will contain student-led videos with experts on topics ranging from how the coronavirus makes a person sick to how to keep your spirits up. The videos are part of a new digital initiative by Healthy NewsWorks called “Health  Beat Live.”

“Making Sense of the Virus” will include resources and activities that teachers and families can use to learn more about coronavirus and other health subjects. Many of these resources will be updated on a regular basis.

We welcome additional suggestions from teachers, parents, and health experts about topics they’d like to see on our new web page. Please contact:

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