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Hats off to East Norriton
March 20, 2020

March 2020 … Dr. Robert Sharrar, a former chief epidemiologist for Philadelphia, fielded questions about the coronavirus from 31 East Norriton Middle School students on March 18 via a video conference call. They were shy at first as they figured out how to use the technology. Once they got the hang of it, they posed plenty of questions during the 45-minute optional activity. For example: Is there a reason that older people are more threatened by the virus? How long does the virus stay on surfaces? How long will it be until a vaccine is developed?

“This was such an exciting opportunity for students during such an unusual time in our lives to foster a new way of learning and connecting,” said Victoria Strickland, who is a teacher at East Norriton. “It was also a great platform to answer student questions and possibly ease fears as it was them running the show and not the adults. The student-led zoom conference was a way to give students a feeling of leadership and empowerment while learning the true facts about a very sobering topic that is in the forefront of all of our minds.”

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