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The Twisting Dragon comes to Whitehall
December 17, 2018

December 2018… A visitor to the Whitehall Elementary School library recently might well have come to the conclusion that elementary school children don’t have skeletons.

Under the guidance of Aimee Sala, owner of the fitness center Aim High Studio in Fairview Village, the staffers of the Whitehall Healthy Reporter seemed to be able to bend and turn their torsos, arms, and legs in every conceivable direction. During the 25-minute session, Ms. Sala led the fourth graders through nine yoga exercises, including the Twisting Dragon, the Shark, and the Bridge.

Afterwards, the exhilarated kids were more than up for an interview with Ms. Sala. They peppered her with questions about the physical and emotional benefits of yoga, as well as her own efforts to give back to her community. They will write about the experience and her answers in a future edition of the Healthy Reporter.

Ms. Sala said she likes to share yoga poses with children because it can remind them that, when they are faced by challenges, “they can take a few moments, pause, breathe, and remind themselves of their own powers and strengths!”

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