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Presses roll for health newspapers
December 16, 2018

December 2018… Student reporters at a number of Philadelphia and Norristown schools have been cranking out copy for their first health-focused newspaper issues of the 2018-19 school year—and several teams are well into their second issues.

“It’s been a terrific start to the school year,” said Marian Uhlman, executive director of Healthy NewsWorks, which currently oversees newspapers in 14 schools. “The students are reporting on a wide range of health topics, including why it’s healthy to get outdoors and play, the benefits of eating locally grown food, and how exercise can help keep hearts strong.”

A majority of the schools have been publishing newspapers for five years or more:

  • 13 years—Cole Manor Healthy Comet, Norristown Area School District
  • 11 years—Whitehall Healthy Reporter, Norristown Area School District
  • 11 years—Eisenhower Healthy Panther, Norristown Area School District
  • 10 years—East Norriton Bulldog Bulletin, Norristown Area School District
  • 7 years—La Salle Academy Healthy News, Independent Catholic School, Philadelphia
  • 6 years—James Dobson Fit Fin, School District of Philadelphia
  • 5 years—William Cramp Fit Flyer, School District of Philadelphia
  • 5 years—AMY Northwest Healthy Bulldog, School District of Philadelphia
  • 5 years—St. Martin de Porres Healthy Saint, Independence Mission Schools

Five other schools have joined more recently:

  • 4 years—St. Veronica Healthy Hero, Independence Mission Schools
  • 3 years—Community Partnership School Healthy Herald, Independent School, Philadelphia
  • 3 years—St. Raymond of Penafort Healthy Outlook, Independence Mission Schools
  • First year—Two newspapers that will soon be named by their staffs at James Logan and Spring Garden Street Elementary Schools, both in the School District of Philadelphia.

“We want to honor all our schools for their commitment and congratulate the student reporters and the faculty, staff, and volunteers who work with them,” Marian said. “Thank you as well to our community supporters who help make all of this possible.”

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