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November 11, 2018

December update: We’re excited to announce a special challenge that will make it possible for you to double the value of your gift to Healthy NewsWorks in the final days of our fall 2018 fundraiser. Several Healthy NewsWorks board members have pledged to match the first $4,000 in new gifts from other donors between Wednesday, December 19, and Monday, December 31.

Learn more about how your gift can help:

November 2018…Meet Jaylynne, an energetic and outgoing 12-year-old. Last year, in her Philadelphia elementary school, she learned about distinguishing fact from fiction, “sourcing” information, and producing a trustworthy, health-focused school newspaper. Jaylynne’s experience as a Healthy NewsWorks reporter has stayed with her and has made a profound impact on her.

She says she became “more confident as a writer,” learned to “raise my voice,” and “exercised more, so that I can be a strong, healthy young lady.” Jaylynne became one of nearly 100 Healthy NewsWorks student reporters who contributed to our 2018 book, which featured 15 health leaders in the Philadelphia region. She helped conduct an hour-long interview with a leader who works to create safe, walkable communities.

When we first started to interview, I was nervous. … I was brave enough to do it.
I asked the questions and when it was done, it was, ‘wow.’”

For her exemplary work, Jaylynne was chosen by her teacher to represent her school during our culminating end-of-school event—the Healthy NewsWorks book signing. The leaders and reporters sat at tables signing copies of Healthy NewsWorks’ 2018 book, just like a book signing at your local bookstore. And then she spoke to the 200 people in attendance.

“I also feel confident speaking in front of a crowd. Now when I want to speak
in front of class, I am not too scared. I am able to speak up.”

Our fall 2018 fundraiser is now under way, continuing through December 31. Please consider a gift to support Healthy NewsWorks reporters. With your help, we can support the academic achievement of more than 1,100 children in our region this year.

Your contribution to Healthy NewsWorks will support young writers who wish to pursue facts, grow their interview skills, and produce their very own health-focused school newspapers.

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Since 2003, Healthy NewsWorks has been empowering elementary and middle school students to become researchers, writers, and confident communicators who advance health understanding and literacy through their factual publications and digital media.