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Student reporters take a turn as teachers
May 6, 2018

May 2018 … Fifth grade reporters for the William Cramp Fit Flyer are giving mini-lessons to their fellow students in younger grades.

After each edition of their newspaper is published at William Cramp Elementary School in North Philadelphia, the student reporters visit classrooms, read their articles aloud, and give the other students assignments. For instance, the Fit Flyer recently featured an article about exercise breaks—short activities during the school day when kids can get out of their seats and move. Some reporters chose the article for their mini-lesson.

Ethan was among the student reporters visiting a second grade class. “Most were very good listeners,” Ethan wrote. They asked the second graders to draw pictures about aerobic exercises such as running. The second graders, who are junior reporters at William Cramp, showed the visiting fifth graders an article they are writing for the Fit Flyer. “They did so many things while we were there that day, I hope they will teach other kids,” Ethan wrote.

After sharing the article with a fourth grade class, Alyssa and Amiahya told them to write a summary. “Take your time,” Amiahya told them. “If your summary or drawing is good, [Fit Flyer teacher] Mrs. Fisher might put it in the newspaper.”

Alyssa reported that the “kids were excited and started to write super fast. It was funny.”

Mrs. Fisher said she noticed a profound change in the students who took on the teaching roles for the other students. “Their confidence in speaking in front of an ‘audience’ has soared,” she said. “It’s very enlightening for them to be the teacher, and I get such a kick out of hearing my words come out of their mouths.”

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