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Putting their hearts into their work
October 29, 2017

October 2017… The youngest reporters in the Healthy NewsWorks school network have started to learn how large their hearts are, how to locate their pulse, why apples are healthy, and more.

Some of the classrooms already have collaborated on posters filled with heart facts.

The reporters are part of the Hearty Kids Initiative pilot project in 3 kindergarten, 3 first grade, and 1 second grade classrooms at two Independence Mission Schools in Philadelphia—St. Martin de Porres Catholic School and St. Veronica Catholic School.

More than 160 junior reporters this year will gather information about the heart and how to keep it healthy. They will share through writing activities what they learn in newly designed sections of their school health newspapers.

The Hearty Kids Initiative is supported by a generous grant from The Edna G. Kynett Memorial Foundation. As part of the project, Healthy NewsWorks has created lesson plans and student materials to teach young elementary school students about heart health and the reporting process.


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