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Students say ‘thank you’ to Chandler Bats
July 24, 2017

July 2017…Reporters from Marshall Street Elementary School and Whitehall Elementary School in Norristown, Pa., recently took an exciting reporting field trip to Chandler Bats. The Norristown company produces hand-made baseball and softball bats for major league players, youth athletes, and others who want a high-quality, safe wooden bat. The reporters were inspired by their visit to the company, and enjoyed learning about the equipment and about how Chandler is making bats safer.  Here is a sampling of the thank-you notes the reporters sent to founder David Chandler.


Dear Mr. Chandler,

Thank you for showing us how baseball bats are made at Chandler Bats. I enjoyed when we got to hit baseballs with a baseball bat. Some interesting facts I learned were that Chandler Bats started in 2010 and that each tree makes 60 bats. I also learned the steps on making a baseball bat. Step one of making a baseball bat is creating the shape of the baseball bat using the lathe, then the workers have to double check the baseball bat to make sure the bat is strong enough so the top won’t fly off. Next they use a type of protractor that measures baseball bats, then they use an x-ray machine to check if the ink is doing well. And finally, they paint the bat and package it away. Thank you so much for showing us around Chandler Bats!
– Jose, Marshall Street Elementary School


Dear Mr. Chandler,

Thank you for letting us go to Chandler Bats. My favorite part was when you let us use a bat. I hit the ball so far. I like Chandler Bats. I wish I could go with my family. It was so fun. Thank you Chandler Bats. You are the best.
– Paola, Marshall Street Elementary School


Dear Mr. David Chandler,

Thank you for letting us come and see how you make bats. I really learned a lot but my favorite was the Mother’s Day bat. I learned that you have mastered making the strongest bats, which makes them also the safest. Thank you for being located in Norristown.
–Esmeralda, Whitehall Elementary School


Dear David Chandler,

Thank you for letting us come to your business. I love all of your bats, but my favorite bat was the Mexican flag bat. I love that you are making bats safer. I liked the bat making process. I was amazed how fast the machine can engrave a bat.
–Paul, Whitehall Elementary School


Dear David Chandler,

I really liked Chandler Bats. I learned a lot about your work. I learned that you make all types of bats, like the Mother’s Day bat, and the pros’ bats. I also learned that you have things that help you make the bats. I had a lot of fun at Chandler Bats. I liked the part when we got to try out the batting cages. I now know that you make the bats to make them safer. I like all the cool stuff that you put on the bats like the flag ones. The Healthy Reporters and I learned a lot of things and I hope you know that. I like your carving laser beam. I learned a lot and we had fun. I can’t wait to see you again.
– Ciniyah, Whitehall Elementary School

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