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Healthy NewsWorks takes leap with first podcast
June 6, 2017

June 2017…Healthy NewsWorks took a big leap into radio journalism when AMY Northwest eighth graders Kok-Leang Kaing and Jayden Williams interviewed Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Ron Brooks in May. The reporting team traveled to the Eagles NovaCare Center on Tuesday, May 23 to discuss resilience with Brooks. He is making a comeback from an injury last fall.

With the help of WHYY-FM reporter, engineer and editor Anne Hoffman and radio producer Susan Greenbaum, the eighth graders recorded a conversation with Mr. Brooks about resiliency: what it takes to bounce back from an injury, a setback or a disappointment. Ms. Hoffman also reported a story about Healthy NewsWorks and the podcast that aired on WHYY-FM.

Jayden and Kok-Leang prepared for the interview by learning all they could about Mr. Brooks’ career and writing a script with an introduction and a list of questions. They practiced reading the script with their PE and health teacher Joanne Kelly. During the interview, they spoke comfortably, clearly, and with enthusiasm into the microphone.

Special thanks goes to Anthony Bonagura from the Philadelphia Eagles public relations staff and Jonathan Ehrens who composed our music.

So, take a listen. We hope you enjoy the podcast as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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