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A ‘touchdown’ interview with doctor to pro athletes
January 14, 2017

Dr. Gary Dorshimer fields student reporters’ questions about athletes and health.

January 2017… St. Frances Cabrini Regional Catholic School fourth grade reporters recently learned what it’s like to be a doctor for a professional sports team.

They interviewed Dr. Gary Dorshimer, head team physician for the Philadelphia Flyers and team internist for the Philadelphia Eagles. He has cared for the Flyers for 33 years and the Eagles for 19 years. He also has served as a physician in four Pro Bowls, four Olympics, and one Super Bowl.

Brielle, who is on the staff of the St. Frances Cabrini Healthy Voice, enjoyed the interview so much she called it a “touchdown.”

Dr. Dorshimer told students that he gives professional athletes similar health advice to that he gives his other patients. He encourages them to drink plenty of water and get a good night’s rest. Unfortunately, he said, some athletes stay up too late at night checking their email and watching shows on their iPads and other electronic devices.

“We got to learn a lot about health and about him,” said Aniyah, another Healthy Voice staff member at St. Frances Cabrini, an Independence Mission School.

Elijah said it was easy to conduct the interview. Writing up the information “was a lot of work,” he said. But he is “confident and proud” about the product, he said.

“Talking to Dr. Dorshimer was very fun and cool,” Moire said. “I would love to do it again.”

The Healthy Voice plans to publish its article about Dr. Dorshimer in its winter edition. The interview is part of this year’s special focus for Healthy NewsWorks newspapers on “Play Well: Preparing for a healthy life.”

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