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In memory: Mary Seton Corboy
August 21, 2016

mary_corboy_2009August 2016…The recent death of Mary Seton Corboy brings to a close the remarkable story of a woman who saw problems in her adopted city of Philadelphia and worked to solve them by bringing people together.

She was cofounder of Greensgrow Farms, a thriving urban farm that had been an abandoned lot in North Philadelphia and is now a bustling place that supplies people with local, fresh produce and teaches city dwellers about gardening, cooking, and farm animals.

Ms. Corboy was one of the health leaders featured in the first edition of Leading Healthy Change In Our Communities in 2012.

Speaking as a cancer survivor, she told the Healthy NewsWorks student interviewer that staying healthy is about more than exercise and eating well but requires having a healthy spirit, mind, and body.

The article was titled “Planting gardens and hope in the city.”

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