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Free copies of special dental-health paper available for distribution
June 6, 2016

healthy_smilesJune 2016…This year’s special topic, “Healthy Smiles,” afforded student reporters the opportunity to report in-depth on dental health issues and explore the benefits of dental health. Some of the reporters’ stories not only appeared in their school’s health newspapers, but also in a community edition paper, Healthy Neighbors. Healthy Neighbors includes illustrations from the poster contest and a compilation of stories from the year such as how eating foods rich in calcium can promote strong and healthy teeth and bones, different ways that apples can keep your teeth healthy, and the importance of reading nutritional labels on beverages so you know how much sugar they contain.  Read the paper.

Healthy NewsWorks has printed 5,000 copies of the paper for distribution in the community. Quest Diagnostics, Einstein Healthcare Network, and Keystone First are helping to distribute the paper.

If you would like free copies of the paper to circulate in your community, please contact:
Marian Uhlman at muhlman@HealthyNewsWorks.org or 610-449-8008.

Healthy Neighbors is made possible through generous support from Quest Diagnostics, Keystone First, and Einstein Healthcare Network, among other supporters.

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