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Applaud someone with a ‘Healthy High-Five’
March 11, 2016

March 2016… We bet you know someone who is making our world healthier and safer. Maybe it’s your child’s teacher or principal, a friend, one of your doctors, or a student who is participating in a run to help cure cancer or another disease. Or maybe you know about a group or business that is doing something special in your community, such as organizing a neighborhood clean-up or community garden. Honor that person or group for just $10 – while also supporting Healthy NewsWorks. Create your shout-out now.

Through June 2016, Healthy NewsWorks invites you to send a shout-out to any person or organization as part of our Healthy High-Fives Campaign. For a tax-deductible contribution of $10 each, you can create a message that we will:

Each tweet will help put a copy of our new book, Leading Healthy Change In Our Communities 2016, into student hands. Your gift will help us cover the costs associated with delivering the three primary elements of our program: newspapers, health education, and the book project. This year, we’re working with 300 student journalists in 14 high-needs Philadelphia-area schools and are distributing their work to 6,000 elementary and middle school students.

At your option, if you or the person or organization you’re honoring has a Twitter handle, you may include it in your Healthy High-Five. Here are some examples of a Healthy High-Five:

Joe Smith @JoeSmith4HNW is a terrific role model for his work helping to spruce up Our Neighborhood Park! — From Jane Doe

Shout out to @JaneDoe4HNW for running in a 5k to help cure cancer! –From @JoeSmith4HNW

@JoeSmith4HNW is a true educator working tirelessly on behalf of his students every day! –From @JaneDoe4HNW

Click here for more info and to create your shout-out today! Or print a form and mail it to us.

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