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Students interview dentists about preventing tooth decay
February 29, 2016

YouTube video

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February 2016… Healthy NewsWorks student reporters from Cole Manor Elementary School in Norristown, Pa., recently interviewed two dental residents for a public service announcement (PSA) on how to prevent tooth decay.

In the video, Ambar and Zaniyah from the Cole Manor Healthy Comet spoke with Dr. Stephanie Nunez and Dr. Juliana Kim of Einstein Medical Center’s Department of Dental Medicine.

The questions ranged from how often to brush your teeth to why it’s important to floss and what can happen if children don’t take care of their teeth.

The PSA is part of the Healthy Smiles project, one of the special topics for student reporters at the 14 elementary and middle schools participating in the Healthy NewsWorks program this school year.  Each year, Healthy NewsWorks student reporters explore selected special health topics in depth and create videos, news articles for their school newspapers, and special community editions. The Healthy Smiles project explores the benefits of dental hygiene, smiling, and respecting others.

To learn move, visit our Special Topics page.


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