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A healthy dip for your crunchy veggies
July 29, 2015

July 2015…Summer is a great time for students, families, and community members to try out new, healthy recipes. Here’s a simple, light, and easy recipe suggested by Healthy NewsWorks Healthcare Advisory Board member Althea Zanecosky, M.S., R.D., L.D.N. Snacking from a vegetable tray is great for your health, she says, especially because raw veggies often have more nutrients than cooked ones. However, those store-bought dips that come with them typically have lots of fat and calories.

This alternative relies mostly on low-fat yogurt, a versatile and healthful base for vegetable dips. Depending on the ingredients you add, yogurt lends itself to sweet, spicy, tangy, or fresh flavors. Plain, fat-free yogurt has only 137 calories and 0.5 grams of fat per cup. If you use Greek yogurt for your dip, you’ll also get extra protein.

Smoky Lime Yogurt Dip
Source: eatright.org

1 cup plain Greek yogurt
Zest and juice of half of one lime
1 teaspoon smoked paprika (or ¼ teaspoon liquid smoke)
½ teaspoon cumin
A pinch salt
A pinch of pepper

1. Mix all ingredients together.
2. Serve as a savory dip or as a topping for tacos or black beans and rice.

This recipe is also online at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ eatright.org website: Smoky Lime Yogurt Dip Recipe.

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