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Reflection by a James Dobson Fit Fin reporter
April 4, 2015

Editor’s note: Julia Noelle Olszewski became a member of the James Dobson Fit Finnewspaper staff when her school joined the Healthy NewsWorks student media program in the 2014-15 school year. Julia was part of the James Dobson team that contributed to the 2014 and 2015 “Leading Healthy Change In Our Communities” books. Julia designed the illustration for the 2015 book cover.

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By Julia Noelle Olszewski, James Dobson Elementary/Middle School

April 2015…The Healthy NewsWorks experience is one that I will always remember. I have really enjoyed it and it has been very important to me. I have learned things that I never would have otherwise through my school’s general writing program. I have broadened my skills and had my first taste of what real-world writing is all about, from deadlines to expectations. I believe that any child my age would be lucky to work with the Healthy NewsWorks program.

I wasn’t sure what this program was going to entail when my class was introduced to it in seventh grade. I tried to work to my full potential on every assignment. I was given many opportunities to shine. I was a frequent reporter, columnist, illustrator, and editor for my school newspaper, the James Dobson Fit Fin.

2015_book_coverThis program really was an important part of my schooling career. I never knew the factors that had to go into an interview, such as how to develop good questions. I learned how to meet deadlines to the best of my ability and create work that was top-shelf quality. I also contributed to two volumes of the Healthy NewsWorks books, called Leading Healthy Change In Our Communities. I even illustrated the cover for the 2015 book. I am excited about that.

Not only did my research and writing skills improve, but I learned an enormous amount about health. I will be able to use that information throughout my entire life. We analyzed topics from body fat to air pollution. Many topics I had no clue about. For example, regarding air pollution, I didn’t  know how to spot it, what effects it has on people, or what is being done to stop it. Now, thanks to my work with Healthy NewsWorks, I know this vital information.

I always try to give the most that I can in anything that I do, but I knew I had to work even harder. I was aware that my work would be reviewed by seasoned writers and journalists.  Thanks to this experience, I have become more confident in my abilities.

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