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Whitehall Elementary student reporters receive praise from their school nurse
March 16, 2014

March 2014…Student reporters at Whitehall Elementary School in Norristown, Pa. received a message of praise and gratitude from their school nurse for their meaningful work covering heart health.

Healthy NewsWorks’ Healthy-Heart Program has enabled student journalists to report about topics such as heart disease prevention, cholesterol, and the impact of sugar, fat, and smoking on heart health.

Linda DiMartini, Whitehall’s school nurse, congratulated the Whitehall Healthy Reporter staff members in a letter for their research and accuracy in covering these topics. —By Ivy Drexel

Mrs. DiMartini’s letter:

Dear Healthy Reporter Staff,

I am so proud of the Healthy Reporter staff and I also feel very privileged that you interviewed me. I am very pleased that you chose the topic of heart health. As you know, heart disease affects more Americans than any other disease.

It is so important to convey accurate information to your readers–and your story certainly portrays the facts. I especially like that you discussed factors we all can do to decrease heart disease.

As Whitehall’s Healthy Reporter goes home to our families, imagine the importance of your story–and that it may inspire some to learn more about heart disease.

Each and every one is to be commended for your accuracy while keeping in mind the genuine interest of your readers.

Thank you Healthy Reporter Staff!

Linda DiMartini, R.N., CSN, MSN

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