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Student journalists display their work at Norristown community art center
July 8, 2013

July, 2013…Norristown Healthy NewsWorks reporters recently had the opportunity to display their work at the ACPPA Community Art Center in Norristown in conjunction with the art center’s Spring Art Exhibition in May.  The art center, which offers programs in visual arts, dance, music, and theatre, is committed to self-development and community revitalization through the arts.

The work by Healthy NewsWorks journalists incorporated in the exhibition included illustrations, posters, and newspaper articles.   “We were grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the literary and visual artwork created by students working with Healthy NewsWorks. It is exciting to partner with an organization that shares our dedication to improving quality of life for children of the Norristown area,” said Amy Grebe, Executive Director of the ACPPA Community Art Center.

Some of the illustrations displayed were those that had been printed in the schools’ “healthy” newspapers, or in the book Leading Healthy Change In Our Communities 2013. The posters were those created for Healthy NewsWorks’ Understanding Medicine program, funded by a grant from the American Medical Association Foundation.  The poster contest encouraged students to create original artwork demonstrating how to read and follow the directions on the medicine label; to never share your medicine; and to always check that your name is on the medicine label.  More than 80 Norristown students submitted a poster to the contest, ten of which were displayed at the art center.

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