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Third and fourth grade reporters create public service video on prescription drug safety
July 4, 2013

YouTube video

July 2013…Listen to some important tips about using prescription medicines safely from third and fourth graders in the Norristown Area School District.

Whitehall and Cole Manor elementary school health reporters participated in a three-minute public service announcement to highlight this important health topic. Their report drew on articles that they had written for their school health newspapers and a poster contest that about 100 students in several Healthy NewsWorks schools participated in.

Among their safety messages for children are:

  • Never share medicines.
  • Always check that your name is on the label of the medicine that is prescribed for you.
  • Check the medicine’s expiration date.

The public service video is part of Healthy NewsWorks’ Understanding Medicine project. The project was supported by a grant from the American Medical Association Foundation. Thanks to Aidan Un for his technical expertise in creating the video.

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