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Nurse applauds students’ medicine safety article
April 8, 2013

April 2013…Third grade health reporters received praise from their school nurse after writing the lead story for their school’s health newspaper about using medicines safely.

Linda DiMartini had been interviewed for the story by the 11 staff members of theWhitehall Healthy Reporter at Whitehall Elementary School in Norristown, Pa. In her letter to the student journalists and Healthy Reporter editor and school librarian Janet Martin, the school nurse said she was impressed with the students’ accurate reporting. You can read their story in the newspaper’s April 2013 edition.

Mrs. DiMartini’s letter:

Good afternoon Mrs. Martin and Healthy Reporter staff.

I congratulate you all on the work you have been doing to produce the issues of theHealthy Reporter here at Whitehall.

After our press conference, I was very anxious to read Learning Safe Use of Medicines! And I commend you all on the accuracy of your reporting.

The questions which were asked of me were certainly interesting ones and I tried my best to answer them thoroughly. As you might know, we do not always see accurate reporting in many of the newspapers and magazines for sale—but your reporting and writing of the lead story was done absolutely beautifully (and accurately!)

I wish you luck in your future projects and I am excited to see the posters that our students create regarding safe use of medicines—as this is certainly an important subject!

Thank you Healthy Reporter staff!

Linda DiMartini, R.N., C.S.N., M.S.N.

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