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Ode to the Marshall Street Healthy Bulletin
October 12, 2012

October 2012…Donna Freeman, editor of the Marshall Street Healthy Bulletin and fourth grade teacher, asked her students to write an Ode to either the paper or to fruit.  The Ode is part of a six-page special edition called “Celebrating Women, African-Americans, and Diversity.” For the issue, the students interviewed the Norristown School Area School District superintendent, their school nurse, the manager of a nationally-acclaimed dance company, a technology company manager, among others.

O Healthy Bulletin you are a wonder.
O Healthy Bulletin you give us the power to read.
O Healthy Bulletin you show us how to be active, safe,
and healthy.
O Healthy Bulletin how you bring ideas to my brain.
O Healthy Bulletin you are an amazing part of health awareness.
O Healthy Bulletin you are a wonder in my head.
—Duyen To

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