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Healthy Hawk journalist writes a first-person account of a press conference about dental care
June 25, 2012

Editor’s note: Independence Blue Cross Foundation recently invited a dozen Healthy NewsWorks reporters to Philadelphia to a press conference with Kids Smiles. The story below was reported and written by Rebecca Wusinich of the Highland Park Elementary School Healthy Hawk.

I did something amazing this summer. I went to my first press conference. It was hosted by the Independence Blue Cross Foundation in Philadelphia.

It was on the 37th floor of its office building so I had a great view of the city.

Other Healthy NewsWorks reporters and I interviewed Mrs. Stacey Benner, education director for Kids Smiles. Kids Smiles is a nonprofit group that provides free dental screening and information on oral health to children in the Philadelphia area.

Mrs. Benner shared several facts about teeth and how to keep them healthy. For instance, strawberries contain a substance that may help whiten teeth, she said. Good thing I like strawberries.

I am glad I decided to attend even though I had butterflies in my stomach. It made me feel like I can do anything I tried. I felt independent when I stood and asked my question. The press conference ended up being a ton of fun and very educational.

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