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Are you getting your Vitamin G?
June 8, 2012

June 2012…Student reporters at several Healthy NewsWorks schools recently reported on a growing trend toward making sure children get their daily dose of vitamin G—or “green time.”

They researched the topic in the April-May issue of Current Health Kids magazine and then asked students and faculty about their outdoor activities.

Experts recommend at least an hour of green time each day. Vitamin G is important because it stimulates the mind, reduces stress, and helps students do better in school, the students reported. Their stories cited information in the Current Health Kids article.

Before interviewing students and school staff, the healthy reporters needed to explain what vitamin G is because most people said they had never heard about it.

School papers that covered the vitamin G story were the Hope Partnership for Education Healthy Hope, St. Malachy Healthy Informer, and four Norristown Area School District papers (Cole Manor Healthy Comet, Eisenhower Healthy Panther, Gotwals Healthy Press, and Hancock Healthy Times).

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