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Shaping the news at Marshall Street
February 4, 2011

February 2011…The staff members of the Marshall Street Healthy Bulletin in Norristown, Pa., came up with an acrostic to encourage their fellow students to read the newspaper and explain its purpose.

You can’t beat reading the Healthy Bulletin 

Helping people to think twice about their health
Each article informs its readers
Articles that share information to bring awareness
Leads pull you into the articles
Trusting your peers to bring you the latest news on health
Health is a combination of physical and mental needs
Your opinion matters to us

Be aware of services that provide positive, healthy, outreach in your community
Understand why nutrition creates the building blocks for tomorrow
Lessons that give you food for thought
Listening to our readers makes our paper strong
Even though we are “kid” journalists, our voice is powerful
Taking our readers to another level/dimension
Information provided in various forms
Nowhere but Marshall Street School will you find a more informative Healthy Bulletin

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